Bill Rosenthal

A Native San Antonian, Bill has been a dedicated Cajun Accordion player for over twenty five years, and just loves to see folks dance to his music.  Previously playing with the San Antonio based Swamp Angels Cajun Band before joining Cher La-Bas, Bill has played Cajun Music all over South Texas, and everybody in the Cajun Music Community in the San Antonio area knows him well.

He has an almost endless repertoire of Cajun waltzes and two-steps locked in his finger-tips. and plays a driving dance-hall rhythm style that gets folks out of their chairs and on to the dance floor.   

 John Goerner

A native of Bastrop, County, Texas, John is the lead fiddler for the band.  He’s been playing Cajun and Country & Western Fiddle for over 30 years and gives the band that awesome Chanky-chank Cajun sound and those sweet fiddle solos that makes dancers’ feet seem to float about 3 inches off the floor.  John has played with such well-known Central Texas Cajun Bands as The Gulf Coast Playboys and The Austin Cajun Aces. John and wife Pat take regular pilgrimages to Lafayette, Pont Breaux, and the New Iberia Area to visit old friends and refresh themselves with healthy doses of Cajun Music and Cajun Food. And an occasional Beer.


Mickey has played for just about every  country band in the San Antonio area, including stints with such notables Johnny Bush and Johnny Rodriguez.  Mickey’s good nature and understanding of music and sound systems really has helped the band’s progress.  His consistent bass rhythm line keeps both the band and the dancer’s locked in to the tempo of the song.  We’re really glad to have Mickey with us.


John, ‘J. B.’ Botter:

J.B. had harbored the wild idea of starting a Cajun band in the San Antonio area for years, but his lack of musical ability always stood in his way. Finally J.B. was able to persuade all the above listed individuals to band together to create CHER LA-BAS. Born out of an insane promise to fill an open dance date for the San Antonio De Fa Tras Chapter of the Cajun French Music Association, the band is now developing into the closest thing you can get to a real Louisiana Cajun Band this side of Austin. Since J.B. can only play accordion or fiddle in a mediocre manner, the band has consigned him to singing, or at least making the attempt.        


 Mickey Roe

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